Endless Diaries News! (4-2014) Walls Of Olympus Album Release Party! Emergency Benefit Party For The Family! Endless Diaries Productions Halloween Party! 2013
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Endless Diaries News! (4-2014)

It’s been a good couple months since the Kill Eddy Album Release Party! Don’t forget Walls Of Olympus is still available on iTunes & Google Play! You can check it out on Spotify too. We apologize for the hiatus that our team has been in lately. We’ve been working on getting involved with the locals […]


Walls Of Olympus Album Release Party!

Local DJ and Dallas Legend Ed Crunk is going to be opening the VIP After Party so be sure to get your VIP tickets as early as possible!—————————-Update————————–Endless Diaries Productions, llc. is proud to present:January 31st, 2014. The “Walls of Olympus” Album Release Party with our guest of honor, Kill Eddy! The album features Boba […]


Emergency Benefit Party For The Family!

Monday, we found out that Kenneth Fletcher’s (aka Robot, Reboot) 16-year-old sister has the rare Guillain–Barré Syndrome. Which has caused her to be paralyzed from the waist down. This, as you can imagine, has hit their family really hard. I (Alex) can’t imagine it happening to me, let alone my little brother and you know […]


Endless Diaries Productions Halloween Party! 2013

The first Halloween Party we hosted went great! It was a private 21 + event for a group of friends in a very nice house in north-western Oklahoma City. Plenty of drinks to go around and yet the worst thing that happened was a shot glass was broken during clean up. This party was a […]

“Write Your Own Damn Story” 1″ Wristbands (Available Now)

Get your own 1″ quality ink injected wristbands that say “Write Your Own Damn Story” on them. Show it off and tell your friends to back up as you make your way. All profits go toward the Endless Diaries Event fund so we can get off the ground! Show your support for local music and […]

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Kill Eddy – White Noiz Volume 1 (Available Now!)

Kill Eddy – White Noiz Volume 1Don’t forget to get the [Free Downloads] from Kill Eddy.Vinny C (Andrew Bell) formally of bands Same Sick Feeling, Bleeding Monday, Hooray For Me, Terror At Sea, and Vinny C & Nate B.I.G. doing a solo DJ Dubstep/House project named Kill Eddy. “White Noiz Volume 1″ is his first […]

Time to Rock and Rave.

The new Endless Diaries Website has been in the works. Expect downtime this week for the transition. Any bugs you see on the site please report on the Reach Out page. Being that our web designers also run the blog. We won’t have news stories about national news until this change. We will continue to […]

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Porter Robinson Gets It. . . Tonight, On CNN

Porter Robinson got to sit down with CNN after his set at Tomorrowland. He touches the topic of DJs just “pressing play”. He gets censored a couple of times, but I think the second one was the word “crap”. Honestly, I could quote most of interview but that’s why we have Youtube!


Tonight’s Daft Report….

Come to find out that tonight’s Colbert Report will have some very unexpected guests! Daft Punk!!! It wasn’t clear based on the initial announcement, which was actually just Colbert crashing Jimmy Fallon’s show so they could dance to Daft Punks “Get Lucky” for about 30 seconds. If you do some digging, it says on Colbert’s […]


“Write Your Own Damn…” Wristbands?

The “Write Your Own Damn Story” Wristbands are the starting point for Endless Diaries. We are a team of music loving people who want to raise the standard for events and shows around Oklahoma. These wristbands start our clothing line and the clothing line is going to help fund all of our events in an […]